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Our Family History

Hillcrest Foods, Inc. has been in the family for over 50 years.  In the beginning, Chris Barkyoumb was working for his father, Reginald Barkyoumb, on a thriving poultry farm in Northern Vermont.


When the egg business started to decline, the young Barkyoumb began knocking on doors in search of ways to expand the business and in 1982 Hillcrest Foods was born.


Since that time Hillcrest Foods has put their customers' needs and wants at the center of its operation. Hillcrest grew so much that it left its original location in Northern Vermont to move to Saratoga Springs, NY in 2008.  The move was made to help with the logistics of distribution to our growing customer base.


Moving to Saratoga Springs enabled Hillcrest to expand and carry additional varieties of flour, sugar and other bakery ingredients and products.  We continue to add new products weekly and are growing at a rapid pace.


Hillcrest Foods takes pride on our successful efforts to keep up with the changing times while still maintaining the feel of the family business that started it all over 50 years ago.

Reginald Barkyoumb on the chicken farm that started it all

The first delivery truck

The first Hillcrest Foods Warehouse, located in Northern Vermont

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